Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ideas for my Self Help book for others...

Choose any three, five, seven or 12 steps and create your own way to get you somewhere other than where you are now:

1. Get lost. No, really, go for a long trip and don't tell anyone where you are going and when you'll come back, if ever.
2. Forget past bad relationships. They ended for a reason, stop beating yourself up, move on.
3. Burned bridges are just that, burned bridges. If you wish build a new one, if not, walk along the bank until you find a safe ford across, find another bridge or turn around and walk away from the water.
4. There are users and abusers out there as well as the used and abused, sad but true. It isn't going to change.
5. You are who you are, nice person, bad, axe murderer or Saint. Stop being so self involved. People will either like you or not.
6. Other people are who they are, nice person, bad, axe murderer or Saint. Stop trying to understand them so much. And don't try to change them. If you like them, good, get to know them, if you don't like them, let them go, forget them.
7. Stop reading self help books. They just make the obvious even more so, the authors know no more than you do, they are just better at selling their thoughts than you are. Instead make your own.
8. Don't wait for Devine inspiration, there is no such thing. Figure it out yourself.
9. If you are a sheep follow the herd, if you are not then don't, just remember predators are after you either way.
10. If you are a predator don't expect a lot of folks to be too chummy with you, especially other predators.
11. The world is a nicer place than it is bad, you are a nicer person than you are bad. At least I hope so.
12. Insincere apologies are worse than no apology at all. Use apologies sparingly and with meaning.
13. Avoid aggressive people, they have a knack for starting fires and burning you in them.
14. Better to share than hoard, anything, especially things deemed valuable.
15. Sports is not a mirror of life. Sports is fun, life is much more risky, dangerous and fulfilling.
16. Walk away from people who talk too much.
17. Run away from loud and hysterical people.
18. Economists have little idea what they are talking about, a fortune teller is just as good.
19. Lawyers can often both talk their way in to and out of trouble, and always at someone else's expense.
20. Politicians lie and obfuscate the truth to suit their situation, don't be surprised, it's in the job description.
21. In the main teachers teach as they were taught - the once oppressed become the new oppressors.
22. Society is not nature and nature is not society, anyone who says so has no idea what either is, mean and how they work.
23. If you want something get up and get it, do not make someone else get it.
24. Everyone is allowed their opinion, even the uninformed.
25. Applaud the losers for without them there would be no winners.
26. Yes, Virginia, there are bullies. Out in the open and in hiding.
27. Admire the poor for without them we would not have the rich.
28. Planning is good, being quick of mind and foot is better.
29. The act of capitalism is necessarily morally cold, no wonder some capitalists search for warm spots through philanthropy.
30. Morally good is superior to ethically good; so, do what's right, not just legal.
31. Capitalism means that some people are more economically equal than others and most seem content with that. The sooner you square that away in your head the more will be revealed to you.
32. Democracy means only those who want to play have to, making some more politically equal than others and is a hairsbreadth from dictatorship.
33. Sometimes the most exotic places on earth are right next to you.
34. Keep your eyes forward, looking back tells you where you were and precious little about where you're going.
35. Things weren't better in the good old days, just different. In the good old days you couldn't  wait to have things move on and change. Keep your mind on today.
36. Strange how the more people there are the lonelier it gets, keep life simple, live small town.
37. You remember yesterday and dream about tomorrow all the while doing today.
38. Death happens almost as often as birth, the two ends of the journey of life. It is what it is.
39. It's okay to fail, it's not okay to quit.
40. However, if you fail time after time, give up and try something else.

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