Sunday, November 29, 2015

More isn't necessarily better

Sept. 20, 2015.  It's exhausting living in this 'more is better' society of ours. Both economically and socially this attitude is ultimately unsustainable. Again, as Alberta Education, and subsequently school boards, seeks to change, it does so by piling on more stuff rather than thinning it out and making what remains better. More and more is being asked of both students and teachers, more and more is being said about a competitive environment, more and more about being ahead of the curve. This philosophy, or attitude, will do nothing to increase our success rates, keep kids in school or make us smarter. The more intense the competition, the more losers there will be - simple. Just look at any competition in any activity. If all we desire is the 'best of the best' then be prepared for more of the 'worst of the worst' as well, it's as thunder following lightning. Our efforts at increasing the number of winners and decreasing the losers has failed for the past 30 years, if anything it has consistently worsened. More isn't the answer and neither is competition.

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