Monday, November 30, 2015

Dogmatic Repression

Repression comes in many guises, but none so vehement as that from dogmas. The struggle between the great religions and New Atheism claiming its base on logical science is a case in point. Both, now, use practically the same arguments for and against each other. New Atheism is being hailed as 'the' answer in much the same way as religion has. In their extremes they are equally wrong, both can be considered religions as both rely on the same principles, that is belief and faith. Both are constructs of the human mind and as such open to the same degree of critical analysis. The response to this critical analysis is the curse of dogma, blindness to itself as it uses any and all tactics to disprove the other. The more entrenched the other the more extreme the attacks of the first. The near delusional self belief, the self righteous indignation and the scoffing between the dogmas is ridiculous.

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