Sunday, November 29, 2015

Modern mercantilism

Now on evidence that national governments subsidize oil corporations...

Well. Hardly a surprise, sadly. But then the way the world has developed within modern capitalism it is in reality a new form of the old mercantilism, a 'modern mercantilism' now exists where states and corporations are in league with each other for resources and global market share based on old national interests. Much like old colonialism, the new imperialism is market imperialism for control of resources and markets largely foreign. Trade organizations are these new market empires, EU, NAFTA and now the TPP attempt, among others. Much of the strife in the world is the effect of this. True capitalists should be dismayed, but by the sounds of it there aren't very many out there. So, the same old struggle remains collusion of government and corporations against the best interests of the people, both domestic and foreign. That's how the rich ensure they get richer, nothing has really changed since 1750. So, in a way, it has ever been thus.

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