Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sad money

What's sad is everything is equated to dollars and this silliness called money. We can easily feed every last soul on this planet, no problem. We can give medicine to every last person on this planet and eradicate many diseases once and for all. We can house, give fresh water and clothing to every last person on earth, no problem. We could easily divert resources to run this earth on solar energy. We could easily explore earth and beyond earth. There is only one impediment, this stupid notion of exchange through money and this totally obnoxious culture of profit, loss, efficiency, shareholder, MBA and such. It's time we tried to create other means and methods that would free us to do rather than bind us to not do.

 The current means of exchange has had its day in my view. Nothing can be improved, it can only get worse as we move through competition to its climax, one winner take all. So, it's time to change before the cataclysm comes. I don't think it's in our nature to be selfish, we are so deeply imbedded in this liberal individualistic culture that it has been made to appear that it is in our nature. I've seen enough children over the years to know unselfishness is quickly forced out of them in favour of competitiveness, mainly through the vehicle called 'schooling'.

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