Monday, November 30, 2015

Power and Freedom of Speech

It's ridiculous to believe people ever had freedom of speech and privacy. Power never allows this and pays nothing but devious lip service to these ideas to placate the masses. Freedom of speech and privacy are direct threats to established power, even democratically elected power. Power fears the loss of power and so will do anything to preserve itself, particularly in the name of 'the people', especially the 'chosen' people. Living, sharing, thinking and doing collectively can not be tolerated and must be stopped at all costs. The definition of community has become so narrow in our individualistic world that it's left us insular even where we live, alone in a crowd of homes not knowing our neighbors other than only in a very superficial way. The silly notion of 'rugged individualism' has crushed our natural sense of small group community and its sense of safety and security in being able to depend on one another. If that ever develops too strongly, power comes along to either crush it or ostracize it.

Conservatives, in general, have a negative view of humanity. It's in their history. Progressivism includes an ongoing and developing belief that people, in the main, will make the right choices if given the opportunity. For Conservatives that's too much freedom for if given the chance people will choose to help each other, the unfortunate or the disadvantaged none of which Conservatives care for, there's no profit in it. So, in their eyes to be more 'individually free' people must be controlled by authoritarianism and kept individual so that the outcome will be more predictable and in the favor of those in power. Simple divide and conquer.

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